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Country Homes Campers Your Camper Van Connection

Posted in Uncategorized by kahl on February 12, 2012

We’re your camper van experts with over 30 years of experience.

We offer great deals on selected camper accessories.

Our bestseller: ShadyBoy Camper Awnings – inexpensive, practical, durable awnings!

Replacement Parts

For your convenience, we also carry

•    Pop Top Replacement Bearings

•    Pop Top Replacement Canvas

•    Freeway Flier Automatic Transmission


Buy Vehicles

Camper Vehicles for Sale!

We feature quality Volkswagen, Ford and other models.

Our specialty: Vehicles converted to a fully self-contained Camper.


Minivan Conversions Info


Campers – we market them, repair them, and consult customers.

Our associates (like Personalized Vans and Trucks) customize them.

Together we equip your camper vehicle with the best:

·    ergonomic engineering


·    craftsmanship


·    pleasing aesthetics


Company Info

Country Homes Campers campers were custom built until 1997. Country Homes Campers no longer builds campers. 

We now maintain our website for informational purposes, to sell accessories and parts, and to assist old customers with finding parts and helping them to sell or buy their campers.

Camper Van Conversions

So you’re interested in a minivan conversion?

Let us help you!


First some handy tips:

1. Old vans are often NOT worth converting due to costs involved .

2. A NEW conversion from a dealer usually costs over $10,000

3. Often BUYING A USED VAN with a conversion is your best choice.

    Conversion costs are independent of vehicles age.

4. We are your only source for our classic camper designs (a Canadian company offers a different type of conversion).

5. Look at our classic camper designs first!

Next, we recommend that you select from these conversion options:

Option A:

Basic Pop-top installation

Option B:

Interior Conversion with Standard options:

• Cabinet – Curtains – Screens

• Porta- Potty

• Carpet for center of Van

• Dual Battery charging system

• Sink

• 8 gal water tank

• 110V outlet

• Table – Drawer – Closet

• Fire extinguisher

• Propane and CO detector

• Rear Light

Optional Equipment:

•  Built-in stove (3 gal tank)

•  Awning

•  Sunroof

•  Luggage rack

•  Swivel Seat

At Country Homes, we make your camping trips a pleasurable experience. Because we are camping enthusiasts!



Buy Vehicles

We feature quality Volkswagen, Ford and other models.

Our specialty: Vehicles converted to a fully self-contained Camper.


Sell Vehicles


Sell your Preowned Vehicle

We will advertise it for you!

Our loyal customers and visitors are always looking for deals on preowned vehicles!


Advertising package includes:

1. Targeted marketing to our preferred client base (thousands of potential customers)

2. Complete full page listing on our site until vehicle is sold (example)


Visit to see our camper information and accessories. 

Email us or leave short message on our voice mail (509) 472-8666 and we’ll get back to you soon.



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